Hagley Adult Literacy Centre (HALC) provides opportunities for learners to develop their literacy, numeracy, communication and computer skills.

HALC has highly qualified tutors who are experienced in all areas of literacy, numeracy, English language learning, and computing. A personalised programme is developed for learners based on their goals and future plans.


As well as increasing reading, writing and maths knowledge, learners also gain confidence and self-esteem and learn skills for work, study and engagement in the community.

Courses are FREE for adult learners who are NZ citizens or NZ residents.

Which course should I enrol in?


Hagley Adult Literacy Centre has a range of courses to cater for the many different learning needs in our community.

  • For those who need to up-skill, we have Community classes in three locations around the city. 

  • For those in employment who need to improve skills for their jobs, look at our Workplace programme.

  • For those who are new to New Zealand, look at our Everyday English ESOL classes.

  • For those with an intellectual impairment, look at our First Steps classes.

  • And lastly, for those who need a positive environment to focus on learning, gaining NCEA L1, and creating a pathway to further education or employment, we have a class for you! 


"I was really thrilled to work with my tutor on my reading.

I'm much more

confident at work now"

In the news:

ESOL Classes

If you are on a NZ work visa or visitor visa and your partner has NZ residency or NZ citizenship, you can enrol in our funded ESOL classes. 


Feb 2022


We are thrilled to have received the NZ Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark (DFQM). We are focusing on meeting the needs of learners who have dyslexia and enabling them to study confidently, using strategies to succeed in their learning.

July 2022


Our workplace programme is for those who are currently working and would like to upskill their reading, writing, listening, speaking, maths and computing. Contact us if you are interested! 


Spaces available for Term 3

August 2022