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Employers' Information


"We have been impressed with our employee's progress and he has also gained in confidence in his leadership role. His paperwork has improved beyond recognition."

You can access FREE workplace tuition by a qualified tutor in literacy and numeracy. Sessions are designed to suit the individual's, as well as your company's needs using relevant workplace material for training. 


We work alongside those who may have learning difficulties or English as their second language, enhancing their potential to participate more fully within the workplace.


Build your competitive edge, empower your employees to become more pro-active in their roles and develop their pathways towards future training.

  • No financial cost to your business

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved workplace communications

  • Better staff retention


An example of what we can offer your employees:

  • Improving everyday ‘Kiwi’ English 

  • Increasing focused Listening and Speaking skills 

  • An understanding of NZ Workplace Culture 

  • Health and Safety skills

  • Filling in forms and paperwork 

  • Computing and maths

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