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Questions and Answers

Who can enrol?

If you are working full time, part time or casual this course is for you!

For those with lower level literacy, or ESOL learners.

You will need to be a NZ citizen or resident. 

When do we meet?

We choose the best time for you - everyone has different work hours!

Sessions might be anytime between 8am-8pm Monday to Friday. 

Most sessions are two hours each week.

What will we study?

You will work with your tutor to set your own goals to improve skills that are need in today's workplace.

You can work towards NZQA credits.

What will it cost?

Great news! There is NO COST for your Workplace sessions. It's FREE!

Each person can access

25-80 hours of tuition. 

Where would we meet?

Come to us at 102 Champion Street, or  Hagley College at 510 Hagley Ave (evenings).

We also use libraries or spaces at your workplace.

(Sorry - we do not come to your home)

Anything else?

You will be asked to take a reading and number assessment.

This is to make sure you actually need us!

And.. we do ask that you attend regularly.

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